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    Autofocus Problems

    Hi! I am a new member but I have been using video cameras. I have Sony's original Handycam. I have since purchased 5 newer Handycams and almost all have developed problems. My newest, which is a Hi-8 model, has developed autofocus problems. It started in May, when for a few seconds, the focus went haywire. During June and July there were no problems. Suddenly, yesterday, the videos were out of focus over 10X. When power is turned-off and then back on, the unit works perfectly but the problem ultimately returns. It is intermittent. What causes the autofocus to malfunction? It is such an important feature. I do have manual focus but by the time I can set it, the subject has moved. My videos are getting ruined when this happens.

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    I guess there are two possibilities:

    (1) The problem is due to the camera having trouble dealing with the conditions, e.g. low light or low contrast in the picture. However if you've been using these cameras for a long time I imagine you would know when this happens and when the problem is abnormal. Are you sure it's not just the natural limitation of auto-focus?

    (2) There is a malfunction with the unit, in which case you'll need to get it looked at by a service technician. It's probably safe so say the camera is out of warranty
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    Is the lense clean?
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    When you say that it's out of focus over 10X, do you mean that the focus goes out sometimes when you're zoomed past 10X? It may mean that your subject is too close, your camera might not be able to focus on something at a certain distance at that zoom level. It's like putting your face up to an object, eventually its impossible for your eye to see it clearly.


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