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    Carrying Camcorders on Planes ?

    Does anybody know if it's OK nowadays to carry a camcorder with you in the cabin. I read that laptops are permitted but no word on camcorders. How could we put our camcorders into our checked luggage? They could get broken or stolen.

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    According to my local travel agent camcorders are permitted but there are restrictions on size. Also, only one electrical item is permitted per passenger.

    I think the main thing is that different jurisdictions have different rules. It will depend on where you are and where you're going. I suggest ringing your travel agent like I did.
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    I took my camera in my carry on bag on a flight to Oz about a month ago and recorded the take off and landing of the plane. No flight attendants said anything about it so it must of been ok.
    But as mentioned, it would be best to ask especilly with the latest security alerts happening.
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