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    Building a True Streaming Server(Warning Noob).

    Sorry for any stupid questions.

    Just started reading the streaming tutuorials.

    I want to try to build a true streaming server.

    Planning to use Red Hat 9 OS on an old P3 box that I have.
    (Unfortunately only experienced in windows but want to learn linux)

    Is it possible for my friends to connect directly to the server's IP address via a secure password or do I need to have a Web Page operating.


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    Hi Greg,

    To be honest I'm not completely sure about this. It's probably do-able but my question would be why? If you're going to all the trouble of setting up a server, then having a web page operating will be just about the easiest part of it. It will probably be pretty much ready to go with the default OS installation, assuming you install Red Hat as a web server. Also, if you want to learn Linux then I think it would be a good idea to understand how the web server part works.

    Of course you may have a good reason for not running web pages. If so, I suppose it depends on what type of streaming server you are going to use. You could look through their documentation and see if you can find anything about connecting directly to a particular port to access the stream. I probably won't be able to help you though
    Dave Owen


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