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    This forum is serious rocks!!! So much advice.

    Anyway I started work on my studio today, PLASTERING After that im going to do a green wall

    I'll post pics up when its finished.

    I have been looking around ebay for lighting and microphones as even though the mic i have already have may be up to the job, its a handheld mic. I really just don't think im going to be satisfeid holding it constantly.
    So, whilst looking i stumbled across this Linky. From what i know about mics (not much) it seems ok but i would prefer it if you guys took a look.

    Its clips on top of my camcorder and it will be used to record two people about 4 foot away.

    As for the lighting, this is what else i found Linky

    I should mention that i am recording a 6 ft high and 6 ft width set. I don't know if that will make a difference.

    Any opinions that can be given will be greatly appricated.


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    on the screening, just make sure what you wear isn't green.

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    I find the mic on the lowest end of, "marginably acceptable". If you can afford a more reliable mic, I say look some more.

    Will the lights work for you?
    I noticed the power connector, are you using 120V or 220V? Try to find out if the power is selectable if your not 220V. I'm not sure what that 3rd pic is... some sort of collar I guess. If you can afford those lights and the electrical specs work out, I say get 'em!! They are worth much more even though they're not a complete set (currently 155GBP).

    Your budget is a ruling factor as to what you can afford to get at this time.
    Relationships are based on compromises - behavior accepted is behavior repeated.

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    Finished the room completely today, just got to move the board i panited green into the room and im sorted.

    Just thought id let you guys know that

    Thanx again


    Look out for my many pre googled questions

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