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    Newbie Rendering Question

    I use Vegas 6.0 and I use roxio premier for burning. I have produced a wedding and have trouble rendering. I want to render it to a format that I can fit onto a 4.7 gig dvd. I have the ability to burn to a 8.5, but I'm not sure how to render the file so that I can take it to a mac. The file when rendered as "video for windows" it comes to about 10 gig. How can I render to a good format and make it much smaller? thanks guys, I'm new here so take it easy on me

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    Im new to this too. Try windows media encoder. if you dont have it you should be able to download it from windows website. Experiment with different file types and different frame sizes, to see what you can get the file size down too. If that dont work why not transfer it with three dvds and then put it back together on the mac.

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    Render it as DV-avi format. Its a standard digital video format.
    The Windows format may not be recognised by the mac.

    Transfer with dvds as data discs to the mac if wanting to edit more on the mac.

    If your've finnished editing and just want to use the mac to make the dvd disc then encode it to mpeg 2 format and then transfer to the mac. Burn as a data disc again. It should fit on one dvd in mpeg2 format unless it is one very long wedding.
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