Hey, I found this site while searching for help on some issues and the forum has already helped me understand some stuff. Thanks.

I have a nephew who is in a band. He wanted some help recording music so it could be burned to CD, etc. Long story short, I helped him out and the results were "ok" but not what I would have liked. I knew what i was doing on the computer hardware/software side...but the music hookup side...
(Remember I barely know what I'm doing...if at all).

Here is the current set up (working backwards):
N-Track 4.X records software (just upgraded from 3.x)
P4 2.4mhz computer with 1GB ram
Soundblaster Audigy SE soundcard
Behringer UB1202 Mixer
NADY Starpower Mic (SP5?)

I've NEVER been able to get the sound clear, it's always muddled. And if I'm not right on top of the mic....i get nothing.

1) I was using an XLR(mic) to 1/4"(in to mixer) mic cord for the input (this time ...i forget what I've used in past). Should I really be using XLR/XLR? I just read an article that said don't do this.

2) Sending the signal to the pc I'm using the MAIN OUT L/R plugs...but I'm using "mono" 1/4 Y plug that sends to a female 1/4" then 1/4 Male cable to a stereo in (small plug). Is someting wrong with this?

In short. I get crummy sound and i have to be right on the mic. I actually get better recordings with my old USB headphone mic.
How can I Improve this?

I'll follow up with any necessary info.