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Thread: PA Soup!!!

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    PA Soup!!!

    Greetings! A few weeks ago, I had to piece together a PA system, that I need to use a few more times. I am using a 650w mixer amp, with (4) 8ohm speakers (2 in parallel, each side), and 1 "monitor" . The first 2 channels are used with a small 4-channel Mackie (mixer), and a small 4-channel Behringer(mixer) connected to the mackie which gives me 6 mic inputs. The third channel on the 650w mixer is used by a keyboard. The 650w says that the max load per channel is 4ohms. But each time I use this configuration, I have to push the gains on the Mackie up more, now they are almost maxed out! I need to know if that's an indication that I'm about to blow something up.
    Though I am new as a member, I have looked on your site for answers for awhile now, and I really appreciate what you guys are doing!

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    This one comes down to the terms you are using... Gains usually means that knob at the top of the channel strip that sets the amount of signal coming into the channel. These should be set so that at peaks, the channel is getting roughly -0- signal (on the meter it should peak at -0-). there is a lot of misunderstandings of gain staging that can cause problems.. the other thing is that if you have 4 -8ohm speakers run two per side wired in paralel, you are presenting 4 ohms per side, you also stated that you have a monitor... where are you getting the power for that? If you plug anything more than the speakers mentioned, you will be causing an impedance mismatch that could either blow your amps or speakers (most likely amps).... And what sources are connected to the mackie mixer (mics, guitars, etc..) with this info I may be able to help....


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