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    Connections of 2 or Microphones when used togather

    I heard that when 2 or more microphones are used togather in a podium, say , for example, the address by a VVIP, one of the microphones must be connected in reverse polarity and otherwise it will reduce the total gain.

    But in practice, when the hirers are installing the microphones, they may just conect any two pairs of cables. So, what is the fact?

    Also, when the media persons are keeping their mics on the podium, will the magnet of one microphone affect the performance of the other mic? What should be the minimum distance between the mics?

    My thanks in advance

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    The closeness of two similar microphones that are going to be reproduced by the same system may have phase cancelation issues. Switching the phase of one microphone can help. when multiple people have microphones on a podium, the resulting signals are not going to be reproduced at the same time, on the same sound system, so there shouldn't be an issue of cancelation... Many mixers have phase buttons, so if a new install has phase issues, they can be fixed, or you can get an inline phase reverser, or just switch pin s 1 and 2 on one end of the cable..... Here is just a little more about phase issuesHere is just a little more about phase issues


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