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    Pioneer CDS-P77 & MEH-P800 car head units


    I've just received my Japanese import car, installed are two (single DIN) quite nice head units in a double DIN slot, however Iím struggling to work out all their functions.

    I've tried searching on the internet, pioneer website and this web site but have not turned up the correct manuals.

    As there are Japanese in origin they are labelled Carrozzeria Pioneer CDS-P77 & Carrozzeria Pioneer MEH-P800.

    Any help you can give me in locating or providing these manuals would be much appreciated.


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    Need more info..
    Is the car new or old???
    Is it original equipment??
    What kind of car?
    Do you have the owners manual?
    Is it factory equipment or installed later?
    Is it really Pioneer??
    Carrozzeria sounds Spanish or Italian!!!
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    Hi Jimbo,

    Thanks for you reply, Iíll try and give you all the info you require:

    The car is a Japanese imported 1995 Mazda RX-7 (they were not called Mazda in Japan though but Efini).
    The car audio system is definitely after market equipment, as Iíve seen other similar cars with the standard system.
    Unfortunately I don't have the car's owners manual, would probably be in Japanese anyway.
    Carrozzeria is definitely the Japanese branding for Pioneer at least it was when the head unit was manufactured.

    Thanks for any help you can provide me with.

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    Thanks Jimbo, will have to get them ordered.


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