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    Hi all
    I have a huge interest in making short films, and I film with a miniDV camera and just out of curiosity, is it at all possible to convert digital video into 35mm film for a cinema release, and will the quality be good enough for the average viewer, Iím guessing from such films as, The Blair Witch Project, that it has been done, so could somebody enlighten me on the process, and most of all, what does something like this cost.

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    Its been done before but its a big ask. Technically you can do it. I think you'd need to have be very good with your lighting & exposure etc. I don't really know how well it will stack up against normal movie standards or exactly how to go about it sorry.

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    Re: Film

    Yes you can...
    you will have to convert your DV footage from
    25 fps to what they cal "24P" or film frame rate.
    New plugin softwares can prepare this for you..

    read on ;......

    "Magic Bullet Suite" is a 24p Mastering system. The goal will be to take your original, high-quality digital video, convert it to 24 frames per second, and give you a simple, creative evironment in which to make your footage look however you wish. Magic Bullet will allow you to output either to a sequence of image files to be sent to a film recording facility, or to a digital video tape format, or both, all while preserving your creative vision for your project, maintaining a film-like look, and meeting the specifications and standards of the industry.




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