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    aspect ratio, HDV to DV

    I am happy very to join here. I was looking for this kind of space where I can talk about my work & problem.

    I captured video footage which is shooted by JVC proHDV 100E camera in HDV formet & the aspecy ratio of the footage is 16:9.
    I made editing and now the problem is when I convert it in 4:3 ratio in DV formet it becomes croped from left & right side. Can I get the output uncroped?
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    Hello modak & welcome!

    There are many here with different experiences, so hopefully we'll all be able to help others who need guidance such as yourself.

    When you are viewing your re-formatted video, what device are you looking at and is it still setup for 16:9?

    I ask since your shooting at this ratio, normally you would review & edit with the same type screen without any viewing squeezes or compressions. If your editing in 4:3 extraction of 16:9 it would be most helpful to have a 4:3 monitor at hand to view simultaneously.


    Do you want to look at a 4:3 video format on a 16:9 screen without the cropped sides (sometimes known as pillars in the US)?
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    Thanks for ur response.
    I have to explain the problem more. My footage is shooted in HDV formet. There is only one option of aspect ratio while shooting in HDV and this is 16:9. Now i have to get the output in DV formet. I will view it in 4:3 TV

    Usually there is no problem for DV formet footage but I m facing the croping problem with HDV footage.

    Thank you.

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    Firstly, you should be able to select standard DV mode on the camera. This won't help the footage you've already shot, but in the future it might be easier to shoot in the same format that you'll be editing.

    When converting your HD footage to 4:3 you have four choices:

    (1) Make the image fill the screen. This means losing parts of the picture on the left and right, which I assume is what you are talking about. This method has the advantage of using the whole 4:3 frame, but has the obvious disadvantage of losing parts of the image.

    (3) Use the letterbox format, where you keep the whole image but have black bars above and below the picture. This is the only way to keep the complete unadulterated image.

    (3) Use a compromise between the two, e.g. 14:9. This involves some cropping and some letterboxing.

    (4) Shrink the width of the image so the whole picture fits in the 4:3 frame. This makes everything look skinny. It's a terrible option but I've seen some people do it.

    My personal preference is to use the letterbox format and put up with people asking "Why is the picture so small?".

    I guess you now need to decide which format you want to use and see if you can make it work. We'll try to help if needed.
    Dave Owen

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    Thank u

    I have managed this problem for now. I will be sure after a out put result.
    After editing the footage in the project setting 16:9, I changed the setting into 4:3 ratio. and the footage is not croped or shrinked viewing in monitor.



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