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    Image formet

    Hello again

    I use Edius for video editing. I will import some still Images to the project. Do I need to resize (If the images are larger or smaller) them at 720X576pxl (for DV, 4:3)? Is it must?
    And what formet of the still images is to be chosen. Is it TGA, JPEG, PSD or any other ?

    Would u someone tell me?
    Thank u all
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    Well, my opinion is that you can just use the images as they are... For example most of my images are 1024x768 in resolution, but when I insert them into my video editing program (Ulead Media Studio 8 Pro) they are resized to fit your current video project (for PAL that is 768x576). But, I would say that depends for what you are using images for.... are you using it for background, for some effect stuff of even for logo in some corner of the screen. Dave will say more probably...

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    I don't really know anything about Edius but I agree with Spoljaric - you shouldn't need to resize. A good editing program will allow you to resize the image in the editing timeline - that's what I normally do.

    This also has the advantage that if you want to zoom in on the photo, you're still keeping maximum resolution.
    Dave Owen


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