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    Barney the Dinosaur

    Firewire PC (newbie)

    I'm going to buy a new computer. I believe that if I get a firewire card I will be able to plug a digital video camera into the computer and download the video so I can work on it with Premier or something. Then burn it to DVD.

    Is it basically this easy? Is there anything else I need to know?

    I don't need to do the editing just yet, I only need to know if the firewire card will do what I think it will do.

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    Re: Firewire PC (newbie)

    yeah its that easy...most new computers come with firewire onboard and the cards themselves are
    now real cheap (less than $50)

    you will need a DVD writer (about $300) again most new systems come with a DVD writer.

    you can also mix your production back to your cam corder when you have finished editing (way cool)
    in Europe most of the camcorders have this function disabled...hehehe


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