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    The Forum Lobby

    This forum is intended for general discussions and topics which don't fit into the other categories.

    If you want to ask about anything media-related which doesn't have a forum of its own, post your message here.

    Also feel free to use this forum to engage in general chat, meet new people, etc.

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    Increasing the Content Quality

    I'm from the future - please don't mind my presence here, I will return shortly, but finishing my response. You said "post your message here" so I can freely assume that my message would be welcomed, as well.

    - No I don't know anything about the Horse Races in NZ, why?

    - No no.. the landlady hasn't died, either! She's is continuing her missions to cause you painful headaches and stomach cramps.. why?

    - Remember the Apple stocks you were about to exchange for Netscape? Forget it.. and look for buying from Google.. carve the name somewhere: goo-gle-wa-ve, and-ro-id, ii-pho-ne..
    Now that becoming effective against the usual spam hitting our forums, in my opinion, the workforce of this forum should be dealing with messages that are holding no actual value in content, since those valueless messages would start becoming very meaningful, in the sight of a search engine, if they become abundant throughout the forum and the number of outgoing links become highly irrelevant with the available and intended content of this website.

    I believe by increasing the level of speech in media college would stat attracting more frequent users that would hopefully bring an elevated quality into the discussions, also into the web design sections..

    The topics in my mind are..

    • talking about Word Press - installation of word press themes, setting up plug-ins, detailed explanations with how I achieved this or that real life examples,
    • other content management systems,
    • DHTML and AJAX examples with jQuery,
    • cheat sheets,
    • php & database connections,
    • I don't know, you name it -- I will lead the way.

    You know I'm already into writing about the web standards and related technical topics but I'm willing to extent it to accessibility issues, server-side programming, and to any of the listed above.

    I don't know about you, but I am not happy seeing my hand hits to children or Asian link-merchants as I'm walking in hereabouts.. In the end, I believe the overall quality of the site, including that of messages, ourselves, our own very selves will have been substantially increased.

    best regards;
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