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    connection from a built-in guitar preamp to endpin jack

    i have a guitar with a piezo pickup. I bought a new preamp, with a 3 channel graphic eq (high,mid,bass) and a volume slider.
    The output channel of the preamp has a stereo female mini-jack.
    I have to connect from this preamp to an endpin jack, in wich I must plug a normal 1/4" mono jack, that goes to an amp, or to a P.A. system.
    The preamp has an inbuilt tuner, that recieves a signal from the piezo pickup. I get a signal from that pickup, because the tuner led ligght op. But I don't get a sound out of the endpin jack.
    The wire i use is a 2-wire cable with a shield.
    The endpin female jack is pre-wired with this 2-core wire plus shield.
    The is a red ans a withe core, plus a shield in it.
    The manufacturer told me i must put a mono wired stereo mini jack in the preamp, to send the signal from the preamp to the output endpin female jack.
    How do I connect the cores to that stero mini-jack(mono-wired)?
    Sorry if this sounds silly, but I am a novice to all this stuff, and the manufacturor won't help me out.
    Please help me out, I'm desperate
    Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like you have a "stomp-box" type preamp. What brand and model is it? Me or someone else here can look it up and tell you exactly how to connect it.
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