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Thread: DVD Burner

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    Burning to DVD

    Hi, I would like to know for any good quality DVD Burner.

    I have use those cheap dvd burners from best buy, but the quality is not that good, I'm looking for good DVD quality

    Please any sugestion?

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    Ramirez, please post your message as a separate beacuse this is not the topic we are talking about here.... Start a new topic...

    DVD burner I would recommand are Philips or Sony with 60GB or more HDD built-in. Quality of DVD burners are (I think) quite good, but that depends of what kind of video input you have(VHS,SVHS,8mm,Hi8...) If you use some old VHS camera and you want to make a DVD of it, well, the video quality can't be better that it originaly was when you shot video material with it (for example).
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