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    Hey there...thanks so much for your awesome tutorial! I do have one question, however. I've created my animation, but when I go to Save Optimize As a gif file, I don't have that option. The only things it offers are HTML and Images, Images Only, and HTML only. Do you know of any reasons why that would be? Oh, I lied...I have another question. :P Once I get it all sorted out, will regular host sites host a gif file or are there certain specific places I need to host it? Thanks again for all your help...I really appreciate it!

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    thank you

    you tutorial on animated gif file was easy to follow along. thank you

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    Re: Animated Gif and Photoshop

    Dave, for those who only want to make a slide show, there is a freeware called Microsoft Animator. Works well.
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    Re: Animated Gif and Photoshop

    Thanks Krazy one, and welcome to the forum
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Animated Gif and Photoshop

    Quote: Dave
    Thanks Krazy one, and welcome to the forum
    Krazy, but not stupid, Dave.

    Been doing graphics for about eight or ten years, all the odd ways, but I get results.

    I started on a Co-co and had to write my own program. Rather crude, all basic, but it worked after a fashion.
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    Re: Animated Gif and Photoshop

    Thanks for the tutorial!! It was great!! Thank You.

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    I'm in the process of constructing a website and am 'learning' (teaching myself) and --- Wow I am so so so happy I came across your Gif Tut. BRILLIANT. Keep up the great work. I have certainly added this site to my favourites.

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    hey i did google search too and found this site! the site is very helpful! thax all the moderators of the site!

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    I am an experienced developer (within my own field which excludes graphics) and I needed to quickly know how to make animated GIFs in photoshop. Your original brief reply was exactly what I was looking for and more than sufficient to get me looking in the right direction -- Thank you.

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    hey dude, all info so far has been really cool, but for some reason my version will only let me save as jpg, then says this format will not support an animation so will save the first slice as the pic......
    any ideas on what i can do so i can use it as an animation in any shape or form.
    It lets me save as psd......and it will not let me export anything.
    cheers man.

    great work you have done hear so far mate.......much appretiated!

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