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    Alex, go to the Optimize palette (Window > Optimize) and select GIF or PNG from the Format drop-menu.

    To everyone else who posted nice comments in this thread... thanks very much
    Dave Owen

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    Shaking head in disbelief

    Well the rest of us love you, Dave....LOL---Having just come out of a 2 day forum on animation I think what the problem is, is that animations look simple and people think they should just be able to jump in an create them with no problem...They are very complex. They don't understand that it involves interfacing 2 programs. Jezz the one program (photoshop) is hard enough on its own, now you throw in Image Ready???...Not Simple at all....anywho-- thanks for your helpful forum comments...

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    well i think that the tutorial link was really helpful, i took a look at it and was making animated gifs in half an hour.

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    Im with you dave on this one. Max asked how to do it and you showed him the way. From where i see it he was trying the wrong programme and he was asking how to create animations on that programme, dave told him he was using the wrong programme. If he still has problems then he can come back and ask questions where he is having the problem. I believe vali you jumped the gun on this one and created a bad image of yourself in the process. Im sure Dave gives up a lot of his time to help, and if posters gave a more percise explanation of there problem im sure dave and others like him will try there best to help.

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    Free Advise

    I would like to thank David for the information about annimated gifs on this site
    It helped me enormously to get a hold on the concept.
    What I fail to understand is people taking up time to complain about something they are given without charge.
    I am certain this stems from some unresolved childhood trauma about not being heard or worse only being heard when they went negative. For their rotten childhood I am sorry. HOWEVER it is not my fault and we are not children here so please everyone be grateful if someone lends a helping hand and if you don't need any assistance be gracious enough to say thank you but I understand that concept.
    Thank you all for listening

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    hi :)

    I found this tutorial thru google. It worked great. So good in fact that I have joined your forum.

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    Image Ready Limits

    redone below

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    limage ready 7 limits

    I tried to import folder to frames with 180 pictures.
    brought them in - put them in layers okay but the make a gif thing didn't seem to work.
    just sat there.
    is there a limit to this feature?

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    I read the tutorial & it only 1/2 helps.
    I need to make a .gif consisting of 7 different images. I created the 7 layers although whenever i change a part of each it removes the backgroound that i thought would be shared.
    So then i have the new part pasted in where i want it so it is different to the others, however the rest of the image dissapears.
    I have used photoshop to create 7 .jpg's of the 7 different images i want. Is there a simple way to blend them together into 1.gif? Or can someone please give me a simple guide of how to create & change each layer for a first time user. I am very quick to learn, provided i have the right instructions.


    Its ok, i have figured it out!!! I just completed my first animated .gif. Thanks again.
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    for thos who don't know...
    put all the images in a a folder with nothing else in it.
    open imageready and use file import "folder as frames".
    well that is how i do it, if there is a better way somebody will tell us!

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