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    Streaming Video thru cPanel hosting (newbie)

    I have VCD films (small introductory films about organisation) of 5 min and 8 min. I have a cPanel hosting account and want to stream them thru our site. I am complete newbie in streaming video area.

    Can any one help and point me in the right direction? After searching thru google, I am more confused then I was earlier.


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    Your vcd films is convert for Wmv ( windows media video ) and upload the video file and link the html coding windows media player. and you play it.
    Any dout contact me.

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    Yeah, you'll need to select a streaming format (WMV or something else - personally I prefer Flash) and convert your VCD file to that. You'll need to do quite a bit of learning if you want to do this yourself. We have some streaming video tutorials to help you get started.

    cPanel is irrelevant - it doesn't have any sort of video capabilities. It's just a site management tool.
    Dave Owen

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    yeah, that is good. flash palyer is best. you will choose the flv method . you convert the vcd to flv or swf. flv is streaming technology. thanks.


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