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    Need Audio Help ASAP please

    It has been a year since my last project and I forget some of the set up details for my audio. I am hoping I can get a little last minute help.

    I am using a Sony DSR PD150 that has XLR INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 with ability to select CH1 or CH 1/CH2

    The problem that I have is that I am using two wireless mics and when I select CH1 to put MIC#1 on one channel and MIC#2 on the other channel, I only hear them either on the left or right speaker (MIC #1 on Left and MIC#2 on Right) when I play the video back.

    Am I missing something? I have to go into my Video Editing program and make a copy of the audio track and then swap the audio channels so that I can get the sound from each mic to come out of both the left and right speakers.

    Is this the way it is normally done? Is there a better way?

    Please help

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    It's pretty standard to record two mics on separate channels if you can - this gives you maximum flexibility in the edit suite.

    There is probably a slightly easier way to get the channels coming out both speakers though. In Premiere you can add a "Fill Left" or "Fill Right" audio effect to achieve this.

    In many cases it's nice to have each mic panned just slightly off-centre. If it suits the shot, and if you have time to experiment, it could be worth a go.
    Dave Owen

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    Alot of what you hear on TV comes down to post, where they take all the audio from all sources (multiple cameras/mic) and mix it through a console (mixer) and then the final cut has the audio panned much less harshly then it was recorded (they record the two tracks on seperate sides to maintain a clear audio signal , like having a two-track recorder built in, that is not pre-mixed {each source gets only one signal} and let's them choose what sound is going to end up on the final cut.)


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