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    How do I burn . . .

    movies now on Hi8 tapes to a DVD disk? I have 30+ Hi8 tapes which go back 20-25 years, that I would like to burn to DVD disks. I have a Sony DCR480 camcorder, which permits such transfers; however, I cannot get the durn camera software to function properly. The camera has an outlet which can be attached to my PC computer, and I have a DVD R/RW writeable drive. Is there a program, other than the one that came with the camera, which will allow me to burn my old tapes from the camcorder to the DVD writing drive? I have a firewire input on my computer, and I imagine that with the proper software, I should be able to run an cable to the computer and get the job done. But if you would, could you please recommend an appropriate software program to do this? Thanks in advance,

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    The best and easiest way to transfer your Hi8 tapes to dvd discs is to use a stand alone dvd recorder. You then plug your Hi8 camera into the compersite/rca plug sockets (the yellow, red & white plugs/sockets) on the dvd recorder and then copy them straight over.

    This is by far the easiest methoud but you can't edit the footage.
    Its just a straight transfer from camera to dvd disc.

    Cheers, westie.
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