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    Sounds like a moron
    The film was faked not the landing itself.

    Is it hard to accept?

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    Yes, it is hard to accept. If you're going to accuse someone of lying, does it really matter what you accuse him of lying about? It's not about landing on the moon or taking pictures. It's about telling the truth.

    The claims of faked or doctored pictures are made from an abundantly ignorant point of view of how geometry, light, and shadow work. The fact that I and other photographers can easily explain -- and in most cases reproduce -- the photos others say are "impossible", counts for something. But what counts even more is when a bit of independent study reveals just how dishonest and intentionally misleading these conspiracy authors have been in their work.

    Just because some of them have softened their claims in order to avoid the obvious criticism doesn't mean we have to let them get away with purposely misrepresenting historical fact. They can't make a defensible case, and most of them won't defend it anyway. Ask people like David Percy and Mary Bennett why they won't take questions from their readers or appear in public to answer criticism. They used to; but they got repeatedly trounced by people who -- unlike they -- really do know what they're talking about. Withdrawal from public comment is a calculated tactic: if they ignore their critics they lose some credibility, but they lose a lot more if they try to build upon their previous nonsense and dig themselves in deeper.

    Which is more likely? A massive conspiracy on the part of half a million people, none of whom has spilled the beans in nearly 40 years -- or a few people telling lies to make a buck? There are people out there who are starved for attention or for a quick buck, and they will do or say anything they think you want to hear in order to get it. Is that so hard to accept?

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    Fox video

    Ive tried all the links posted to download the Fox conspericy crap video and they all dont work for me and i would love to see it again, because i really wasnt paying attention in school..... so if you could pleasssssse email me at with a link to download it that would be osm, and its rediculous that people are evn questioning this landing.... it wasnt fake at all everything that people use to prove to be a hoax can all use logic evidence to show thats is all bs.

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    sunil regmi

    about conspiracy theory

    i totally agree with the point that showed on fox news.thanks for that
    sunil regmi from nepal
    student of physics
    st xaviers college

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    How could it be fake

    Folks, just because it was on TV doesn't mean anything. Think about it. The USA Government couldn't even keep Clinton's sex life secret, how the hell would they be able to keep a FAKED MOON LANDING a secret?

    Also, the Soviets were using their technology to "tune in" on the USA Radio systems. If it was fake, bang, the soviets would tell the world and the USA would lose the chance of being the most powerful nation at the time.

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    John Ma

    Re: Bobby

    Please try emule, I just find it there, file name is "Documentary - Moon Landing Hoax - Conspiracy Theory - Did We Land On The Moon (Fox TV) [43.49]"

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    Just an observation; people need to stop saying "Hey, it was on T.V. You can't believes Documentarys on T.V."

    Lets not forget how we saw the moon landing: On T.V.

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    How bout all those nifty photos of mars where everything in the picture is totally red. Its not hard to tell a red lense of some sort was applied to the camera or pictures. The rovers arent red after all. Wish I had some photos to show but there are several alleged mars pictures that are old arizona rover test pictures touched up with red tint and removal of people.

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    Bible Believer

    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    Nope.. we didnt make it there.
    Message on alledged man on the moon
    Another message on alledged man on the moon
    See what GOD has to say about this and much more here

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    nate miller

    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    Are you serious dude? There is no way that the Bible says anything about landing on the moon. The Bible isn't a future telling book, it doesn't reveal what's EXACTLY going to happen. You're just another one of those wierdos giving christians a bad name. For all you conspiracy theorists out there: USE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE, PLEASE! the Apollo mission employed several THOUSAND people after they decided to end the moon missons they FIRED almost every one of those people. Now, if you were involved in the greatest cover-up of all time, but you got pissed off at your boss, what would be the best way to get back at him or them?????? They would blow the whole thing, but yet we have never had anybody who worked on the Apollo misions come and tell us that it was a fake. The other thing, who did the moon landing affect the most? Who was in a race with us to land on the moon? Who would do anything to prove we didn't get there and they did? No, it wasn't the pope. The U.S.S.R. (for all of you who failed kindergarten history). Wouldn't they come up with a great story for how we faked it? Wouldn't they debunk it? Well, they would, but they couldn't, BECAUSE WE LANDED ON THE MOON. O.K. our greatest enemy in the last 30 years can't debunk it, but our OWN PEOPLE try and try to debunk it. All it takes to prove that we landed on the moon is a little common sense. Go back to middle school conspiracy theorists. And for you bible people who think the bible is a magic book of the future, go to theology school.

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