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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    Hey people ^_^

    Even though this is about the moon landings, I must say i agree with John,
    the Y2K was a conspiracy. I'm part of the company whom had the perfect and cheapest Y2K solve, which covered most of the systems. When we offered our efforts to companies like IBM, they simply stated they weren't interested because they wanted to sell lots of new computers, instead of addressing the problem, or worrying about the economy or health of the users. If this isn't an eye opener then it becomes useless to explain to all pseudo scientific guys. Besides science and it's theories have been altered so many times in history its has become another religion.

    You don't need to be a scientist to prove the moon landings were fake. Any electronics, photograph or video/audio expert can prove it's a fake, only it's harder to explain because you need to see the difference in how natural certain photographs are. Static on paper is easier to believe for people, but someday all this will be uncovered.

    For all people on the side of the "hoax believers" go watch Bart Sibrel's documentary.

    The moon dudes are a bunch of guys kicking dirt like a *****

    Scientists aren't lie detectors, they use the static they learned at school. But hey, ie. the best programmers don't come from school at all, but from the underground computer scene. Most school grown proggers can only dream of what the underground scene achieves on computers, because they learn to be a piece of infrastructure for the Microsoft generation at school, not learning to program the hardware directly like underground or custom hardware (and i dont just mean a select amount of chips, this is an oldskool term) console programmers, they all become nerds like they leader Bill Gates. The same goes for many school sciences.

    Anyone with the gift of seeing behavioral problems will see that there are too many things to argue about, and the fact that NASA didn't sent anyone from their science department in the first place to explain these things in the Fox documentary, but instead a lawyerish (read liar-ish)
    speaking corporate you know what i mean, indicates that they couln't show any strength in they counter arguments when it was needed.



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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    Sorry for the writing errors !

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    The Link Doesnt work :

    It asks for a User and Password.
    i was wondering if i could either have it or could download it from somewhere else ?

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    I can't believe this argument is still going. I used to think the moon landing was a fake too until a friend of mine showed me the other side of the story. The problem is - it takes too long to learn the truth. It's easier to watch one of those BS documentaries and believe them. It's also easy to believe in conspiracies. It makes you think you're special because you're not as gullible as other people. (Wrong)

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    Yes, the web page you can download that tv documentary, but you have to hav bitcomet to download!

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    Why would FOX do this

    Hi All,

    I've just watched the show and have searched through the 12+ pages in this and other forums about the subject!

    My question is, if FOX is essentially a conservative, predominantly republican TV channel-why would it show a program saying in essence that the government lied to Amenica?

    Since its launch ten years ago Fox has become a main contributer to the conservative movement's biased media control. Together with the GOP organization, this network of fiercely partisan outlets--such as the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal editorial page and conservative talk-radio shows like Rush Limbaugh's! as well as TV punditry such as Bill O'Reilly's 'The O'Reilly Factor'-- it forms a highly effective right-wing sounding board where republican-friendly news stories can be promoted, repeated and amplified.

    Perhaps it was the fact that the space-race with Russia and the desire to land on the moon before the end of the 1960s was driven by JFK (as mentioned in an earlier post) the intention is to say that the "Democratic government Lied to You", rather than "the government lied to you" despite the fact that Nixon, a Republican, was in office for the actual landing?

    I don't know-but it seems paradoxical!

    Any thoughts??

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    As I browse some of the topics about this hoax, And as I conclueded, IMHO, all the conspiracy evidence has never been answered clearly by NASA. Thus many peolple, including me, still doubts the moon landing! But there's one NASA evidence that makes me think, about the moon rocks that was sent back. But as I read the NASA explanation about the moon rocks, they don't have a concrete evidence that this rock is truly comes from the moon, they just stated that this rock is different from earth rocks. Is this just could be a meteor that survives the earths athmosphere? So as this conspiracy evidence is answered with a clear and convincingly as the FOX documentary, I will be waiting for true and convincingly of the first man who will walk on the moon!

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    I just wanted to acknowledge all the latest replies to this thread and apologize for not answering some of the ones that were aimed at me. To be perfectly honest I've grown too weary of this topic to stay involved. This thread is more than two years old now and the same tired old questions and arguments keep repeating. The people asking the same questions obviously haven't bothered reading this thread or any of the many websites out there which explain the "anomolies" and other issues.

    Maybe I'll get back to it later, but in the meantime, all the information is very easily available for anyone who cares to make the effort. Google is your friend - learn how to use it and you don't have to keep wondering!

    Anyone who still believes that NASA never went to the moon is either too lazy or too stupid to be bothered learning the truth
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    I just want to let everyone know that the truth will be reveled all in due time. Seek for the truth but, Be patience, don't just jump to conclusions and only hold your knowledge as a small piece of the grand picture. Errors can be made on both sides.
    As for Questions, Question everything, and wait a very long time as the answers may come very slowly.
    In fact don't even listen to me, only listen inside and around yourself to the higher light which is god. If what something says is confirmed by that then you may know it is possible.
    As for the Moon, Isn't it a great creation. It lights up our nights. And is so cool looking.
    If man went there , hey that's awesome.
    As for the Moon, (did not go there theory people), I got no problem with you. In fact I love the way you question everything and are skeptical of government, I love to join in on that spirit sometimes. It Rocks! We need that balance in our soscity or worse things might happen.

    We got to be careful though in not getting to much set in a personal mind set. Be open minded I believe that man can do great things like going to the moon, and he can do horrible thing like lieing to the masses.

    Does it even matter if we went? The effects of the landing Showing the guy on the moon, they have not been stopped. The actually has not been stopped. Man can not be stopped if he is in truth, we can do great things. Goals can be done.

    Does it even matter if we didn't go? We should all be skeptical and prove everything for ourself anyway, we don't need to be children anymore, but be as a child ever learning from higher sources....

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    Re: Fox's "Did We Land on the Moon?"

    where the hell are the stares at and why is flag waving when ther is no wind in space. explane that retard


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