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    this link works:

    Ive watched the documentary, read this entire forum and I have bounced around to a few sites. The most effective evidence I've seen to substantiate the landing- that you could not fake on Earth- would have to be the "dust". The absence of an atmosphere- in other words a vacuum- can not be hoaxed. This one piece of evidence proves the lunar landing to be true. The lunar dust in all of the footage reacts as if it were in a vacuum. the gravity on the moon brings it directly to the surface without the dust blowing about in any atmosphere. This is impossible to recreate in Earths atmosphere. Unless someone can disprove this one fact the argument is mute. It could probably be done in this day and age with 3d rendering. But in 1969 even Disney couldn't pull it off. PROVE ME WRONG!!! I noticed another member on this forum named chicken who posted earlier... This is my first post. (I only researched this cause a friend of mine asked if the landing was a hoax. I said "No of course not" He said, "How do you know?" Well... Now I know.)
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    This topic is certainly a hot potato and i'm not going to get drawn into who's right and who's wrong but i am really supprised that no one has mentioned the documentary that was made interviewing Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, a lady who was Nixons secretary at the time, Henry Kissenger and a few other people/politicions that were in power/politics at the time of the supposed moon landing.
    The documentary i saw interviewing those people i mention was filmed in or around the 1997-2000 period.

    I saw it while i was living in Australia in 2000-2001. It was shown on SBS, an independant tv broadcasting channel they have over there like the Triangle TV we have over here in NZ and probably like the PBS that they have in America.
    It was produced by a french documentary film making crew.

    Anyway, in the doco it had Rumsfeld, Powel, Nixons secretary at the time, Kissinger & other people who i can't remember there names of now but are well known and are still in power/politics today (Cheney may have been one but i can't honestly remember now) all talking about how they hoaxed the moon landing and how and why they went about it.
    Stanly Kubric was used to produce it and they used and modified the set of "2001,A space Odessy" that was being fimed at Pinewood studios in England to film it.

    They talked about why they had to put a man on the moon at that time because of the space race and the Russians being so far ahead technology wise, the communist threat and how they figured if they could show the world that they beat the Russians to it then the American people would be put at ease.
    They had to hoax it because there was no way they could do it in the time frame that they were working with and the Russians were a real threat at getting there first.
    The Russians had already beaten them, the USA, with the first satelite, man in space etc.

    That and a few more other reasons is why they said that the first moon landing was faked, hoaxed.

    They tell about how President Nixon, who had no other choice because of the circumstances surrounding it, gave the go ahead to fake it.
    They told of how the CIA was used to organise it all and get the men to play the parts of the astronaughts. They used unmarried ex military men who knew how to keep mum about things of sensitive natures. They say about how afterwards Nixion wanted the men to be well looked after for what they had done and how the CIA got the message wrong and got rid of them.

    There was no mention or coverage of the photos and topics covered in the "Fox Documentary" in this one. (I've seen the Fox Documentary mentioned previously in this thread)
    This one was basically an interview with the people i mentioned above and how and why they had to hoax the moon landing.

    I think, if i remember rightly, they say in the doco that it was just the first moon landing that was faked. (I'm not 100% sure though)
    After that there was no race to be the first to the moon anymore and by the time the other missions rolled around NASA (or who/whatever they were called back then) had sorted out the problems with the propulsion systems, melt downs, electrics etc that they were plagueing them at the time.

    I really wished i'd videotaped it because when i tell people about it they look at me like i'm trying to pull the wool.

    I've never heard of it being broadcasted again and i cannot even find mention of it in my searches on the net. I can't remember the name of the doco which doesn't help either.
    Does anyone else know of the documentary that i'm talking about or has anyone else seen it. Do you remember what it was called?
    I can't of been the only one to of seen it!.

    I remember that at the end of the program in the closing credits they, the people who were in the interview, tried to give the impression that it was all a big joke and that it wasn't real and a setup. But in the credits it thanked them by name, Colin Powel, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Mrs whatever her name was who was Nixions secretary and the other people (who i can't remember now) for their time and taking part in the interview. Also thanked the National Archives and all the other sources that they used for the making of the documentary.

    It was like they did it as a serious "heres what really happened, truth of the matter" type doco and then threw a bit of doubt in there at the end my making it look fake in the closing credits. Also, by using a French documentary film crew to make it gives them the option of saying sure its true, It was made by the French

    Now I'm not saying that the moon landings were faked or if they were real. All I'm saying is that i saw a documentary while in Oz and thats what it was about.

    Sure wish i could find it to watch it again though.
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    Hi westie:

    could be this one: Dark Side Of The Moon (Opération lune) ?
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    Yep, thats the one.

    Very interesting isn't it!.
    A guy walks into the psychiatrist wearing only cling film for shorts.
    The shrink says, 'Well, I can clearly see you're nuts.'

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    wow thanks for Listing that one. that is one that i have never seen! Westie, thanks for bringing that one to my attention! and methanol thanks for the leg work on this one!
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    Well i dont thnk so

    Hi thre welabt the landing on moon is hoax or not.....
    Don't Mind i thnk it is fake n my whole group my whole class my whole intitute of engg thnk tht its a hoax. you know what ... well we made a project on it n we collected everythng abt it n at last the ans was that it is fake if u wanna know y thn just ask me on my id oki i will tell u n guess what we got 1st prize on tht project hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    Sorry my friend but i don't understand your language.
    Is that txting language?.

    Most people here talk english.

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    This is a very interesting topic for me. I have spent some time on it. After carefully reviewed all talks and evidences from both sides, my conclusion is "NO", No man has ever set foot on the Moon. Well, this is not important anymore.

    if someone tells me: "American has send troops on the Moon", I would believe it without hesitate.
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    I have yet to see detailed proof to either side, but without such proof and with the details given by various sources, I'm inclined to believe that yes, people landed on the moon and yes, those pictures were taken on the moon.
    Hell, most of the 'different background, same foreground' pictures are simple parallax distortions due to moving along an arc around the object (it doesn't even need to be a true arc, remember, if this is the moon, the atmosphere is thin enough that you can see for a great distance and at such a great distance, minor changes in your distance will show little change in size), as for the 'same background, different foreground', the foreground in all of those shots are mobile items. they could have been moved, or the camera position could have moved forward/back (I think this is more likely), and due to the great distance, the size of the background would not have changed much on the recording media.
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    The "Dark side of the moon" hoax documentary reminds me of a program called "Alternative Three".

    This was an Anglia TV program shown in 1977, which basically concluded that the governments of the world were going to have to build "Space Arks" to save the human race. As a 12 year old layperson, it was incredibly convincing, and it scared the willies out of me. Then at the end, it was announced that the whole show was a hoax.

    With regards to this whole silly "Moon Hoax" debate, the following paragraph about "Alternative Three" is extremely relevant:

    A few were so convinced by the show that they refused to believe it wasn't real, even after its producers announced that the entire thing had been a joke. These faithful few continue to insist that Alternative 3 is real, and that the show was part of the world government's vast and sinister disinformation scheme. They argue that by making Alternative 3 appear to be a fanciful hoax, the world government has insured that no one will suspect that it is, in fact, the frightening truth.

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