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    The very fantastic character of (conspiracy theories') claims leads to heroic strivings for "evidence" to prove that the unbelievable is the only thing that can be believed

    The Paranoid Style in American Politics – Richard Hofstadter, 1965

    Conspiracy theories purport to be empirically relevant: ... they often engage in elaborate presentations of evidence in order to substantiate their claims ... the result is a closed sytem of ideas about a plot that is believed not only to be responsible ... but also to be so clever at covering its tracks that it can manufacture the evidence adduced by skeptics.

    A culture of conspiracy - Michael Barkun, 2003.

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    "If You Believe ... We Put A Man on the Moon"

    Sorry folks, I would like to believe, and if it wasn't for the Fox show and the internet, I would have. Problem is there are too many faith based people who are willing and will say anything to justify their beliefs in government, media, corporations and yes even NASA.
    (Pink Castle in the Sky Syndrome or NASA Liars still attempting to fix dmg.)
    I'd like to believe a piece of carton cartboard cutout will fly through space and provide 100mil. rads. protection, or any kind of suit for that matter. A suit and camera that provides protection from -300 deg. to +300deg. as the difference from shadow to light areas on the moon.
    I'd like to believe we have the technology today to break out of orbit, but we do not. Is it the worst thing to have ? No, in time we will overcome the radiation. But in the mean time no more B.S. AND as smart as the astronauts are, remember 90% come from the Airforce, tell me if I am wrong, as such they were tools, tools who propagated the lie, but destroyed when failing. Don't put all the blame on them, they maybe partially a victim.
    Many Astronauts and Inside Scientists who attempted to bring the truth to YOU have been ASSASSINATED. Don't let their deaths mean nothing, STOP believing a Cold War Lie. Why not reveal the truth today ? Yeah cut funding to NASA and demand they justify the billions already spent, I don't think they want that at any time. By 2026 (date to de-classify NASA files on Apollo projects, so they can blackout what they don't want you to read) if there is a USA or NASA by then, it'll be under a new name and mgmt. thus not to be held responsible.
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    When all the Evidence prove it is True, all that remains is the ugly - a Conspiracy - with too many liabilities and people involved to disbelief it.

    Land of Conspiracy ? Are you really surprised if it is ?
    The Mafia going "Legit" in USA starting 1950s means NOTHING to you ?
    Insurance = Racketeering, "Diversion of Funds" or Pork Barreling = Embezzelment, Lottery & Las Vegas = Running Numbers, Illegal Gambling, Illegal Sports Gambling, double taxation, frivolous license requirements, etc... Need I say more ? Everything since that has become building another complex system on top of the existing with only one purpose, the Fleecing of the Working or Middle Class. Are you still estranged to being victimized by
    your own government and US corporations ? You must be living on the Moon.

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    Well ... thank you for that lucid and coherent post, cyberrats.

    To quote Blazing Saddles:

    "Who can argue with that?"

    (following Gabby Johnson's outburst of "genuine Frontier gibberish").

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    Who Knows

    I also saw the program & I should tell you some of the evidence they presented were overwhelming that is if the evidence themselves are accurate & not manipulated. I guess when the chinees get there, they can confirm it to the rest of us (if we can believe them)

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    Shahin Samaei

    But you must agree, that this is one project that undertakes so many technical issues that is a wonderful case study for whom ever is interested in film making and technical issues related to it.

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    Yeah, I've seen the film.....

    However, it wasn't the filming of the lander leaving the moons surface that got my attention. It was what happens next ???

    When Eagle landed on the moon in such dramatic circumstances. With only 30 secs of fuel left because they has used the thrusters that much to land safely. They then expect you to believe that it left the surface of the moon with 30 secs of fuel left and docked with the original re entry module.

    How can this be done ?????

    The re entry module must have been orbiting the moon at one hell of a speed as they were playing on the moon and taking rock samples. So how on earth could the lander re dock with the re entry module travelling at that speed with no thrusters ( fuel) and just a joy stick and a watch battery as a computer.

    Even with todays technology it is a difficult task for the space shuttle to dock with the International space station never mind a lander from 1969 with no thrusters ( fuel) having to dock with the re entry module travelling at 1000m per sec using a joystick and windows the size of a shoe box.

    This for me is impossible and I'll never get ma head round it. All I see is a car crash if they tried it.

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    The Eagle lander was in two stages, each with its own engine, so your continued assertion that they "had no thrusters" is completely wrong.

    The Command Module did indeed orbit at a high velocity, but once the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) matched its velocity, to all intents and purposes they would be drifting alongside one another.

    Er, a watch battery as a computer? Yes, the computers on the Apollo spacecraft were primitive by today's standards, but unlike today's computers, they were dedicated to one task and one task only: guidance.

    As for the difficulty: practice, practice, practice. The Apollo astronauts were some of the most rigourously trained mission specialists around. Nonsense like this stupid moon hoax theory is an insult to their dedication and extraordinary achievement. Fox should be ashamed of themselves

    Might I suggest you read this site thoroughly:

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    Many thanks to ur post. I love it.

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