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    General advice concerning a Panasonic AG-455: please help!

    Hiya I live in the UK - and have bought a U.S AG-455 - I'm aware of the NTSC/PAL differences but have an NTSC capture card for my pc and will be editing digitally so am not too concerned about that.

    I have two questions, one is general and on is probably more AG-455 specific.

    1) As expected the view finder only shows a b&w picture, should this also be the case when connecting the SCART to a tv output or should the picture then be in colour? I have yet to manage to record anything in colour - or view anything in colour on my TV (haven't tried with captire card yet) - is it possible that because the VHS tape I'm using is PAL that it will not record in colour? Likewise could using a PAL television have the same effect? I'm a little worried that the colour capabilities may have been lost in the camera and since I just bought it want to find out as soon as possible so I can return it if necessary.
    Would perhaps importing a load of NTSC vhs/s-vhs tapes solve my problem? As then I could simply output straight to the pc without problem... any ideas at all anyone? Any advuce - I seem to be at a loss!

    2) How do you charge the AG-455's battery without the pack - using just the camera an AC adapter? Should it just 'happen'?

    Any adivice from anyone would be wonderful! Thanks.


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    My guess is that the problem is indeed NTSC/PAL incompatibility.

    How are you getting the footage to your computer? If you are connecting the analogue output of the camera to your capture card, can you capture something while the camera is in "live" camera mode instead of something you've recorded on tape? That would eliminate tape from the equation.

    I hate to say this but I really strongly advise against using NTSC in a PAL country. I know you can convert but it's problematic. Our local video club bought an NTSC camera thinking it wouldn't be a problem ("We edit digitally so it doesn't matter"), but it got so annoying that the camera now sits in a corner gathering dust.

    To continue the bad news theme, SVHS is terribly outdated. Even though the AG-455 is a nice enough camera I think you're going to find it difficult working with an obsolete format. Not to mention expensive - it's going to get harder finding tapes, and the supply/demand situation means they will become more expensive.

    As for charging the battery, I can't say for sure but it was fairly standard for Panasonic cameras of this type to charge batteries in the camera. I recall a similar model where I just plugged the power supply into the camera with the battery still in it and it charged.
    Dave Owen


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