In contrast to the deceptive and sensationlaist nonsense from the Fox moon doco, last night I had the pleasure of watching a Horizon documentary called Homeopathy: The Test.

This is what real scientific investigative journalism is about. The topic was well researched with a good summary of the historical background and current situation.

More importantly, the programme used rigorous scientific methods to investigate the topic. It was very hard to fault the methodology used and the outcome provided genuine evidence that homeopathic dilutions are too weak to have any effect. (Note: This doesn't completely discredit homeopathy, it just adds more evidence to the picture)

Although I would have liked to see more focus on large-scale real-world studies, this wasn't the point of the documentary.

The BBC should be congratulated on taking a serious, well-executed approach to a serious issue. Those flakes who made the Fox doco could learn a few things from the BBC.

Programme summary: