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    what is wrong for sharing product experience with other forum menbers,
    Dave, I don't know why do you against geovid but recommend super(it is big spamming),SUPER © Freezes every time I click the "Encode" button after dragging and dropping an FLV file into the program.Let me know what is flash video first

    Flash Video is a type of video that can be played by Flash Player. A Flash Video file can be a separated FLV file or a video stream in a SWF file. It has various video encoding methods. Flash Player 6 only supports Sorenson Spark encoding method; Flash Player 7 supports one more encoding method, Screen Video that can compress files without losing the original quality. Apart from the two above-mentioned encoding methods, Flash Player 8 supports On2 VP6, which is currently the best encoder available. Its video quality is superior to MPEG4, H264, and DIVX. As Flash Video becoming more and more popular, it will be the major built-in web video file in the near future.
    In addition to the Flash Video encoder from the Macromedia company, there are different other Flash Video encoders such as SwishVideo, Flash Video MX, and On2 Flix. Now I am going to compare these different Flash Video encoders in various different aspects:

    Flash Video MX:
    geovid soft:
    On2 Flix:

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    Quote: hunsonlovewhat
    what is wrong for sharing product experience with other forum menbers
    Nothing. I never said there was. If you have had a good experience with geovid I have no problem with you sharing it. My experience with them has been bad and I'm going to share that as well.
    Quote: hunsonlovewhat
    Dave, I don't know why do you against geovid
    Then perhaps you should re-read my post, because I think I explained it fairly clearly.
    Dave Owen

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