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    Using a home SS box insted of a DSP with a mixer

    okay i'm new to this place so bare with me! I'm not so sure on this...The school i do audio for was asked by someone if they could donate their old surround sound system (if the school could use it in the auditorium)...well, i was thinking that we could use the reciever (what everything hooks up to, speakers, inputs ect.) as an effects processor. It's a sony str-de635.

    I see no problem getting an input to it from the Aux sends, but i'm not so sure about outputs. Is it safe to run a cable back to the board from those speaker plugs or is there just too much power in them? I also thought about say inputting in the VCR imput, then outputting from the same back to the board, but i had no luck with that when i tested it with a DVD player to reciever to TV, Note: no mixer.

    If you need me to explain more or rephrase some stuff let me know. That is all in a nutshell...



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    oh btw, we have a Mackie SR24-4 if that helps any. And here is the support page for the Sony ....

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    What exactly are you trying to accomplish and what is the basic setup (without the surround unit in place), these are the questions I have that I think can help get a correct answer....

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    Okay i think i got it figured out. I just ran a mono output from the headphones jack. I think it will work just fine.(other than running a wire from the front to back) It works fine the way i got it. But thanks for your concern.



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