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    Lord of the Rings

    Just got back from seeing the Return of the King. I'm still taking it in but I think it was good. There were some excellent "wow" shots but maybe not as many as I was expecting. The battle scenes were tops.

    Some of the purists might be miffed about the return to the Shire. Personally I don't mind leaving a few bits of the book out but I'm not so keen on changing things from the original story.

    Anyway, I liked it. I think Mr. Jackson has delivered.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings

    Great film. I was a bit nervous that the end might not live up to the previous films but I think it does. A few notes:

    All three films had a lot of slow parts. More action would have been better.

    Battle scenes in ROTK were good, but I think the Battle for Helms Deep was better.

    The dead mountain folk weren't completely convincing in the wide running shots.

    Ommissions from the books were handled pretty well on the whole.

    The ending of the last film could have been edited better. The repeated fades to black were uncomfortable and people in the theatre were getting restless trying to figure out when it was actually going to finish.

    Frodo did the same frown too often. After 3 films it was starting to look silly.

    Accents were excellent. Well done for not using American accents, which would have spoiled the authenticity.

    The scenery was spectacular. I don't know how they found all those locations but they were a triumph.

    Gollum - what can you say? Fantastic.

    See this film on the big screen. It deserves it.


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