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    Proposed audio recording

    Hey all

    I need to do a little bit of recording, its just me speaking for my website. Its sort of a little introduction to site i want to put on.

    I need to get it onto my computer and i already have a m audio audiphile 24/96 soundcard. So i propose to but this, its a mixer. Ill connect that to my soundcard and my shure sm58 to the mixer.

    I should then be able to record quite easily, right? I realise i could just get one of those crappy headphone jacks but even though it doesn't have to sound top notch, id prefer it to sound ok.

    So will this do the trick?


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    between your sound card the behringer desk and the sm58 you should get good results. Don't overload the input on the mixer or on the card then just compress and eq once you have recorded.

    jonny H

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    As stated, your plan should work out quite well, be sure to run your gain structure correctly so you don't introduce distortion or noise. I recommended that unit to my guitar player to rehearse vocals with a CD player, a Mic and headphones, he loves the sound that little board gets!


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