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    stereo help/speakers

    I had a panasonic 50+1 disc changer with dual cassettes. It was about 8-9 years old and broke on me. It is cheaper to buy something new. The speakers are fine and I saved them. There are 4 total. The 2 bigger ones have 160W INPUT and 80 (DIN). The smaller ones have 30W INPUT and 15 DIN.

    Can I buy a CD player and just connect them right to it or is there more to it than than? Can anyone help?

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    You need to buy a receiver to run the CD player into, the receiver will have an amplifier taht will power speakers... There are many options, simply go to your nearest electronics store and take a look!! With the speakers you have, you may want to get something that is Dolby surround cappable and use them all at the same time, or something that has two different speakers outputs so you can use them for different situations, again, there are lots of options!


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