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    Interactive video streaming with Flash, can it be done?


    I am trying to make a website to show the difference between different compressions of streaming videos. What I want is to have a few different videos, let's say 4, and a radio button group with one button for each movie. The idea is that the user can chose which video to play by making a selection with the radiobuttons and then be able to switch video by making another selection and switch video again by making another selection and so on (i.e. it's not a one time choice, the user should be able to switch video interactively).

    I have made a java-applet using JMF to do this, but the performance of JMF is really bad so I'm looking for something better. Is it possible to implement this using Flash?

    I havn't used Flash before and I want to make sure it can do this before I go out and buy Flash MX.

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    I think this will work fine. As I understand it you just need a way for the user to select different video URLs as if they were hyperlinks, e.g.,,, etc. If this is the case then Flash can certainly do that using getURL().

    If I've misinterpreted and you are actually looking for a way to play these different files from within a Flash file, rather than just linking to them, then that won't work as Flash doesn't support those file types.

    I'm pretty sure you can download a free trial version of Flash. I'd do that if I were you. If you can't or if you still have trouble answering this question definitively, let me know and I'll see if I can try it for you.
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