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Thread: Computer to VHS

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    John (Canada, Ontario)

    Computer to VHS

    hi- i am trying to record edited video from my computer back to my vcr- vhs. i have the pine tvpci tuner and video capture card. on the vcr i have the connections on 'video in' and on the computer on 'video and the audio in audio out'. do i need special software? i have tried hitting 'record on the vcr' then play on the computer. so far nothing yet.

    any ideas?

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    Re: Computer to VHS

    I don't know about the Pine tuner card so I can't comment on that but let's start with the basics.

    Plug the video output of your card directly into a TV or other monitor and then play a video clip. Do you see a picture? If so, we know the card is outputting okay and the problem is in the recording. If you don't see a picture, we know the problem is occuring before the card's output.

    Let us know and we'll figure out where to go from there.


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