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Thread: A Dancer Shot

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    A Dancer Shot

    Pleas I Want To Ask U How Can I Shot A Dancer
    The Position Of Camera: Far Or Near ;down , High, Or Eye Level
    I Am Using A Hi8 Camera And Iam Recordeng Indoors

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    With only the one camera i would set the camera up with a wide angle shot so you can see all her movements. If shes doing the dance twice or you have another camera you can loan/use then i would get some medium close ups, closeups, and shots from different angles. If shes doing a dance like swan lake then you could film from above her eye level (eg; from the back row looking down on her. Zoom in and use a tripod.)
    If shes dancing like modern dance then stay eye level or abit below.

    Watch some mtv clips and get some ideas from there.
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