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    Receiver/Speaker Mismatch

    I have an older digital surround receiver and a 5.1 speaker sytem (2-fronts, 2-rears, 1-center & .1-powered sub-woofer). My problem is that the receiver has only a line-level center ouput (also no sub-woofer output). The manual recommends using a separate amp for the center speaker, but I have not been able to find a suitable, inexpensive mono amp.

    I have been using the "phantom" mode to simulate the center, but I would really like to use the center speaker, as I now understand that it would give superior audio for vocals in viewing DVDs. I am othewise perfectly happy with the receiver, so I don't want to purchase a newer one.

    I have also been using the speaker-level outs (one of 2 switched sets on the amp) to feed the sub and from there to supply the 2 front speakers. 2 rear outs go directly to the surround (rear) speakers. That setup sounds great for phono and CD audio, and pretty good for DVD/movie audio. Connecting the 2nd switched set of front outs through the sub amp to the center speaker gave worse results that running in "phantom" mode.

    Is there any setup that would allow me to fully use my center channel/speaker w/o buying a separate amp? If not, can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive amp for the center speaker (rated for 10-80 W into 8 Ohms)? I also wonder whether the center speaker amp needs to be mono. If not, can I use a stereo amp by running 2 sets of speaker-level outs into the center speaker?

    Any advice is welcome.

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    look for a small powered speaker - that is a speaker with an amp built in!!

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    I agree. I would look for a older sub, one with its own amp on ebay or what ever. that is your best option for cheap mono amp!
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