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    whats the secrets

    Hie guys i am intrested in making nice video clips i use A.PREMIER and A.EFFECTS.what are the secret plug inns which gives nice colour and quality.

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    I've heard that Magic Bullet do some very good plugin's although i've never used them myself yet.

    Premiere has some very powerfull features packed in it that can be used to create and/or simulate alot of plugins and i think the secret is to experiment, practise, experiment and practise.
    Read the manual, learn what the tools are, how they work and experiment.

    Other than that give the plugins from magic bullet a try. Some have a trial period so you can try before you buy. I've downloaded the trial "Shine" plugin from and are going to have a play with it soon.
    I've managed to simulate the shine plugin by using one of the free Burger Transitions for premiere.
    I just played around with till i got what i was after.

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    Others Plug - in

    Trapcode (Shine, StarGlow, 3D StroKe) very good for liquid lights and Shine effect.

    Cult Effect (Optic compesation, Ligth Ray, Light Burst 2.5)

    For quality broadcast color to use adj. Level that it is to estandar of After effects.

    For Blue or Green screen use KeyLight is really the best one.

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    thanks Guys

    Will try to download a sample of plugins for trial .do you guy know the site to get cc pluginns for adobe bridge


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