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    Multiple options to multiple options in forms

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a better way to create combo boxes in forms. Basically Combo Box A will provide several options, and each options will lead to the display of other several options in Combo Box B. A close analogy is choosing the "Country" first then the "State/Province".

    I got some Javascript code but it will leak out some information. Any ideas for better securities?


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    If you need to keep the code secret then JavaScript won't work - you will need to run a server-side script or perhaps make a Flash file.

    Server-side scripts will have some limitations, for example, when the user makes their first selection you will almost certainly need to load a new page to create the next set of options. As well as being slower, this complicates the script.

    In short, this isn't a trivial script so I think you will either need to pay someone to help or do quite a bit of learning before you attempt it yourself.

    Alternatively, try or to see if anyone has already created a script which could be modified.
    Dave Owen


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