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    Two monitors and a tv

    How do you hook up two monitors and a tv?

    I'm running the two monitors ok by using the 2 connections on my graphics card. The graphics card is a Ti4200 64mb and has two monitor ports and a s/video port.
    When i plug the tv into the s/video port i can't get it to display. The s/video channel is there but is just blue.
    I also have a Leadtek TV 2000 capture card installed and connecting the tv up to the s/video port on it just gives me the same blue screen.

    I'm trying to set it up so that i can preview edited avi's, mpeg, watch dvd's etc on the tv. I could/can do it like From the Fridge says in another thread by connecting the tv up through the a/v port on my camera but i'd prefer to have it set up another way.

    I have the latest nvidia drivers for my graphics card and theres options in there for doing it. I just need to know how. I tried a few ways but so far have had no luck.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks westie.
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    If the monitors are already displaying two seperate pictures, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to get a third one. On the setting for your displays, if you've noticed, it gives an option for two seperate displays, not three. I've never tried an NVidia card with three displays though, so I admit I might be wrong, and it may be possible, but as far as I know you'd probably have to buy a second video card and configure it for the TV. I'm not sure how to do that or if it's possible, but I'll do some research of my own and let you know what I find.

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    A quick phone call to a friend and I think I've got an answer.

    No, you cannot have more than two seperate displays on one video card. If you plug the TV into the S-Video and get it to show, it will be a clone of the secondary monitor. But you CAN easily configure two video cards to show three pictures (actually, as many video cards with as many pictures as you want) if you're willing to buy another video card. I was also told that it is extremely easy to do in Windows XP, which I will assume you have, but if you don't, I'm sure it's still doable.

    First, buy a second video card. Any card should do, but if you buy another NVidia card, it will help eliminate most, if not all, compatability issues. Secondly, the new video card can be as terrible as you want, since you only intend to view DVDs, mpegs, avis, and such. My friend did suggest, however, the GeForce FX 5200 for PCI. He said it runs about $50, and it's actually better than your current video card, so you would probably want to make it your primary card and use your current card as the secondary for the TV display. You can probably find cards cheaper than $50 if you look around online, but try to make sure you get another NVidia card. If you do decide to invest in a second card, just let me know in this post and I'll give you the rest of the setup information as best I can.

    Also, I have had problems before with hooking TVs up to S-Video on my computer. If you are using an adapter to go from S-Video on your computer to RCA on your TV, you may not be able to get a signal at all. And I wanted to make sure you have Windows XP. That would make it a lot easier to set up the 3 displays.

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    Just noticed what you said about the Leadtek TV 2000. Not sure exactly what that is supposed to do, but if it IS supposed to give you a seperate display for TV, then let me know.

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    Hi Freak, Thanks for your reply.

    First up, yes i'm running xp sp2.

    The Leadtek TV2000 capture card is what i was first using to capture from my analogue Hi8 camera until i brought my digital video camera. It has s/video, rca & co-axial connectors. You can capture from tv, vhs etc through it.

    Unfortunately i don't have anymore spare pci slots available to use a second video card unless i uninstall the tv card. Will try to get the tv card to work first since it's there. I need to reinstall the software for it. I uninstalled it cause i could capture better in mediastudio pro and since i live rural & get bad tv reception i had no use for it. If that fails then a second graphics card next.

    Knowing that 3 monitors cant be run off the one card has helped. Thanks.

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    The shrink says, 'Well, I can clearly see you're nuts.'

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    Well if you're able to do video out on that card, then maybe it will work. When you go to the NView settings to have the two seperate outputs, try right-clicking on one of the monitor images (not sure which one, my friend was very brief in explaining it) and it should give you an option to add another screen. I've got a computer that's not working and an extra video card for it, so I might try something out with it tomorrow and let you know what I find. Good luck!


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