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Thread: Panasonic Mx-70

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    Panasonic Mx-70

    Hello everyone

    I am a high school student and I operate the television broadcast studio for the school.

    We recently purchased a Panasonic MX-70, as the engineer it is my job to learn more about this tool so we can use it with our broadcasts, sadly the manual leaves a lot to be desired

    So my first question is, is there anyone here who would know how to use it and or make scrolling text on the screen?


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    I must admit that when it comes to vision switchers I'm still living in an analog world. The one I use is very old, although I hope to be using a digital switcher within 6 months or so.

    I had a quick look at the MX70 manual and it seems to assume that you are already familiar with switchers. I suppose we can't blame them for that but it would be nice to have some resources at their website for those who are new to this type of equipment. I have to say that some of what I saw in the manual meant nothing to me, and it's not like my switching experience is that out of date.

    Anyway, it seems that the switcher can connect to a PC via USB and use titles as a downstream key (DSK). If I were you I would start learning how it's DSK works and then move onto PC connectivity.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful - hopefully someone else might be able to offer better advice.

    PS Here's a picture for anyone who's curious...
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