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    Panasonic WJ-AVE5 manual please?

    i have a feeling that this doesn't exist online, but if any of you have it, or one you want to sell i need one for our school.

    email me



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    You can try here...if you know spanish????

    Sorry best I could do

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    thanks for your help.

    Unfortunatly i don't know much Spanish, and i couldn't even get a download from the page either!

    nightmare. i guess i'll just have to fiddle with it and write my own manual for the kids.

    i'll try to make it available for download once i've written it if you guys want?

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    i recieved an email from Rhoneil D. Pascual who sent me the link above to the manual for the US version of this mixer. its not exactly the same but its close enough to sort out some of the more confusing features and how they work with eachother.

    so thanks to Rhoneil!

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    i got another email, this time from Gerardo. he sent me this link so a PDF of a scaned manual in english!


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