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    UnSaturated Colors in Video

    I took my camcorder to a Birthday party last week and took some video. There was enough light in the hall, and I thought I used all the right settings. The Clown had bright colored costumes, the kids were all wearing bright colored dresses etc. It even looked good in the Viewfinder.
    Later when I played it on a television, the colors appeared a bit washed out. The reds were red, but not Bright Red. Any ideas as to what could have gone wrong.


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    Simon Pratt

    Re: UnSaturated Colors in Video

    I had a similar thing happen a while back. I asked lots of people why it might have happened but I never got a really good answer. Most people seemed to say it could be any of a number of things or a combination of things.

    Things to consider are the quality of light, not just the quantity. Also, was there really enough light or did it just seem that way to your eye? Do you know what the exposure was (f stop)?

    What sort of viewfinder do you have? Is it a color LCD?

    Have you recorded any other colorful scenes with the same camera/tape? How did they look?

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    Re: UnSaturated Colors in Video

    I think it was a white-balance problem. I forgot to white balance in the indoor light. I had sunlight coming in through the window, and fluorescent lights in the ceiling. Must have confused my camera's automatic white balance.

    Yes I have color LCD. It looked good through the LCD. Maybe I have to get it calibrated.

    I reduced the Brightness a little, played with Red, green, blue and Saturation controls a bit. I think I have a decent output now.

    When I looked at in on the Computer monitor it looked good. I later burned a SVCD with it and played it on TV. I realized I had done too-much color correction and the colors where bleeding a bit. I wish I could preview on PC more reliably.


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