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    Converting aspect ratio 16x9 to 4x3


    I would need to slot in a few shots from a digital film recorded in widescreen mode (16x9) into my film, which has been recorded at 4x3. I would either like to do it the "letterbox" way, or by cropping the widescreen shots left and right to fit them in. (As described on: ).

    Does anyone know how to do it in Pinnacle Studio 9? It seems like Studio will just squash the shots and doesn't offer a more elegant solution to avoid distortion. Or does anyone know of some free software that would do the conversion, so I could then use it in Pinnacle? Any help would be welcome.


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    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Pinnacle but here goes anyway...

    My first suggestion is is to look at the pixel aspect ratio of the clip. It's possible that Pinnacle is assuming the imported clip uses square or standard DV pixels. Have a look in the help files and see if there's anything about pixel aspect ratio. In particular, you want to specify a widescreen pixel aspect ratio for the imported clip.

    Another option would be to stretch the squashed video width-wise. Does Pinnacle have an option to stretch/distort video? I imagine it would.
    Dave Owen


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