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    quality vedio

    What changes have you witnessed in the quality of video production in the quality of video production in the last decade? Which are the best videos that have about in the recent past?

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    First of all, this is a good question but you'll notice I deleted most of the other questions posted around the same time. These were posted by different usernames but obviously the same person. They weren't very relevant to this forum and reeked of forum-spam. Please refrain from using our forum to bulk-post links.

    Anyway, in answer to your question I think there have been two major changes...

    On the technical side, the change from analogue to digital has meant much better quality and much more distribution options, eg phone videos, Youtube, etc.

    On the production side, we've seen a proliferation of both high-quality material from new filmmakers and absolute rubbish from the bottom end of the amateur ranks.

    The short-form video is becoming a dominant genre.
    Special effects are now achievable by anyone.
    Video communication, having been waiting in the wings for decades, is finally here.
    Dave Owen


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