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    I'm complete New to streaming video. Can you please tell me what equipment I would need to make a video through my own monitor screen.
    I'm in the Forex business, would like to take a video of the charts that are on my monitor screen and explaned what is taking place in realtime. to my subscriber. what equipment is needed and what program do you reconmend to used thanks and thanks again for your input.

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    Hmm, real time is certainly more difficult than recording a screen capture and then streaming it later.

    There are various collaboration tools which can do this though. To some extent it depends on the nature of your subscription service. If you need something which will stream to a wide audience without requiring any additional software or plugins, the options are a bit more limited.

    I would recommend having a look at Adobe's range of Flash-based products. The names of specific products change all the time and I can't keep up with them, but go to this page and see if you can find something that suits:
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