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    prem pro 2 help

    Hi i am new to the forum and to video editing, i have a problem with prem pro 2 in that when i burn an edited movie to dvd the quality is not great. I am burning it in pal at high quality 4mb 2 pass., but when iI view the dvd it is very blocky ( pixelating). The movi was originally shot using a sony vx2100e and captured to prem pro using firewire but not a seperate capture card. any help much appreciated.

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    I am assuming the video you shot was done in Pal to begin with ? The best results in Premiere Pro can be achieved by rendering the movie first then encoding it to an mpeg file. The burning of the dvd goes better when using a program designed for that like Encore. If you need to use Prem. Pro to burn the dvd be sure your burn speed matches the DVD. Pixalation and jumpy video many times comes from a bad burn when trying to burn at a speed higher than the disk is designed for. I never burn faster than 8x for the best results.


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