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    I have been criticised recently about only finding the free manuals, but the fact is that they are almost all readily available on the web somewhere.

    I donít as some people would suggest spend hours searching for the freebees, in fact I only use the internet for about half an hour a day. Thatís all I have time for. I lead a busy life!

    In most cases user manuals are available from the manufacturers own websites. Just click on the support or downloads icon in the toolbar.

    From what I have seen on this site, most people are directed here from search engines such as Google or whatever. Personally, and call me all the names you want but you canít beat Microsoftís own search engine. Type in Samsung etc and it will guide you to lots of sites, including, as I mentioned earlier the manufacturers own sites.

    Sometimes you have to cheat on the manufacturers sites, as in a recent case where I acquired the manual for a Canon XL1. On the Canon site if you asked for a user manual it quoted a price for downloading the manual, but if you clicked on the software download tab it directed you to a page where you could also download the manual for free!

    I am sure in lots of cases that free manuals are not available, but they should be! Especially for modern equipment.

    I can understand that older models are not available as they originally came in paper format and most manufacturers cannot afford or have the time to convert them into PDF format. (It would take years).

    I personally have over a thousand older service manuals cluttering up my garage and occasionally will convert some into pdf format if they are only a few pages long. But if anyone requests a larger service manual then they will have to pay me, either to convert it or for the original.

    All I can say in the long run is that if I want a manual then I prefer to get it for free as do most others, and if I can help in any way, I will.

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    Thanks Philgemini. I certainly appreciate the efforts of everyone who helps anyone else find a manual, whether it's free or not. Of course most people would prefer a free manual but that's not always possible. In any case, the more people who offer more options, the better. I'd prefer that we didn't criticise anyone for trying to help.
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