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    beginer plz help.

    hi evry1. ive been interested on videograhpy for quite long time but neva got around to do it properly but ive decieded to my question is to evry1 in here is how do i start this.from worksop to camcorder to editing equipments.please advise how do i set this up.

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    That's a broad question. What exactly do you mean by "videography" - do you want to do it as a hobby or as a profession?

    What equipment and experience do you already have? If you look at our video tutorials, do you already know most of this stuff or is most of it new to you?

    Do you have any particular areas of interest, eg sports, news, weddings, corporate, etc?
    Dave Owen

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    as dave said. that question is not that easily answered if you give us some more information, we could help a bit more


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