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    Compressing video files and saving to disc?


    I have someone who would like me to film six three minute training clips. After editing they would like to have the clips on disc and then upload them to their site. What would be the best format to save them to disc (MPEG-2 or something else?) so that they can take the files off the disc and upload the video themselves.

    In other words what would be the best format to save the files in so that they can convert them to flv or what ever they want and upload them from disc or would it be better to convert them to a web based video format of their choice first and then save them.

    As you have probably realised I am completely new to video for the web and would value any advice on formats, compression recommendations and file sizes etc.


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    Hi Steve, sorry about the delayed reply.

    The best format is always the original format. If the video is made in DV format, use that.

    You can also save in a couple of other formats just to be safe. MPEG is a good option because it's fairly universal. Always try to use the least amount of compression possible.

    This is all assuming that the client will want to convert the file to whatever they want. If they want the video already supplied in a web-ready format, that's a different story. You would need more details from them in that case.
    Dave Owen


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