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    Hi, hope i came to the right place

    I have a samsung hdtv with built in tuner and my surround sound receiver and the cable box all connected and they work fine. i also have a toshiba vcr connected and it plays vhs just fine. i'll set it to record a tv show but when i go to the channel its set to be recording theres no picture or sound shown on the tv for what its supposed to be recording, so, its not doing that. in the samsung manual it shows how to connect a vcr to play tapes and then on the next page it shows how to connect another vcr to record shows. well, my vcr can play and record so why do they show setup for 2 vcr's, one for playing and another for recording?

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    ok first if you are wanting to record off the cable box the input to the VCR needs to bee hooked up to an Output of the cable box. if you are running HD, i would suggest the coax output for the VCR and component or hdmi for the TV once you have this all taken care of, if it still doen not work i would start looking in to the out puts of the cable box. still no good, trash the VCR and start with a new one


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